Tuesday, September 8 Virtual Meet the Staff event.

Teachers will connect with students and parents through virtual meetings or phone calls.  Due to Covid 19 we will not be having a typical come and go Meet the Staff event. There is no access to the school during this day.

Wednesday, September 9 is our Great Expectations day – grade 5 and 9s only.

Great Expectations is a chance for the grade 5s to transition to the new school.  The pace is slower, students are acquainted with each other and get to become familiar to school without the rest of the school.  This is a full day for grade 5s.

Grade 9s are introduced to the Senior Years end of the school.  This includes an overview of their daily schedule, reviewing the credit system and high school expectations. Students are also given their Chromebooks and learn how to work safely and respectfully online.  This is a half day, morning only – 9am to 12:15.

Thursday, September 10 (Day 2) First Official Day of School

More information to follow on Friday, August 28th as part of the full startup plan.

September 15 – Picture Day

September 18 and 21 – Strong Connections days

Students will attend on only on of these days.  These are important dates for teachers to be able to access students to be able to provide more effective teaching.  More information will be coming as the day approaches.