Count on some great fun during Numeracy Week at GVS, beginning on Monday, March 11th and culminating with middle year’s Math Olympics on Friday, March 15th. Activities to highlight and celebrate Math will be going on each day, multiplying the fun. Students will have opportunities to earn ballots for guessing the number of candies in a jar that will be on display. 

World Pi Day is on Thursday, March 14th or 03/14. Pi is a special math number. Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference (distance around a circle) compared to its diameter(the distance across the center of a circle)… So, for any circle, dividing its circumference by its diameter will give you the exact same number: 3.14159…(goes on forever without repeating)… or Pi. For March 14th we are encouraging all staff and students who have GVS Pi-rate gear to wear it to school.

Check out the special days and events below, as well as some useful sites in the links below. If you are interested in helping out with the gr. 5-8 Math Olympics on the morning  of Friday, March 15th, please contact your child’s teacher or Mrs. Maria Friesen. Remember, everyone counts at GVS. Keep calm and calculate on! 

Dates to remember:

March 11th – Numeracy Month at GVS begins

March 12th – Wear a Number Day (clothing with numbers on them, ex. Sports jersey)

March 13th – Wear a Pattern Day

March 14thPi Day activities, also Wear your GVS Pirates gear

March 15th – All Candy Guessing Ballots must be turned in by lunch and Math Olympics for the middle years

March 18th – Candy jar winner is announced

Looking for some online sites that offer extra Math practice? Check out these 7 sites.

Numeracy Week Calendar Link – Numeracy Week 2024 calendar

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