• English 10F
  • Math 10F
  • Science 10F
  • Social Studies: Canada in the Contemporary World 10F
  • Physical Education/Health 10F

ELA 10F is designed to further both written and verbal English language skills. Students in the course will meet the 5 general ELA outcomes through a study of the 6 language arts (reading, writing, viewing, speaking, listening and representing). The 5 general learning outcomes for ELA 10F and ELA 20F are:

  1. Explore thoughts feelings and ideas.
  2. Respond personally and critically to oral, print and other media texts.
  3. Manage ideas and information.
  4. Enhance the clarity and artistry of communication.

5. Celebrate and build community.

Grade 9 Math focuses on developing students’ mathematical knowledge, skills and attitudes. Some topics studied in this course are mathematical reasoning, polynomials and equation solving, powers and exponent laws and surface area.

This course is a pre-requisite for all levels of Grade 10 Math courses.

The Science 10F course is developed around four clusters which are as follows: Reproduction (plant and human), Atoms and Elements, Nature of Electricity, and Exploring the Universe. The goal of the Science 10F course is to help the student develop scientific literacy for lifelong learning.

The Grade 9 CCW course is intended to help students gain a greater understanding of the society in which they live, their roles within that society, and the role of Canada within the world. Students will focus on the physical, historical and political factors that have shaped Canada’s evolution as a nation in the twenty-first century. They will examine Canadian identity, multiculturalism, the political, legal and economic processes, as well as the implication of changing technology.

PE 10F is a graduation requirement. This program revolves around improving fitness and health through continuous exercise, low organized games, and team & individual sports.

Students are taught that Phys. Ed. is an attitude that creates a healthy lifestyle, which is balanced and diversified. We will be using various community facilities to promote lifetime activities and active living. The Grade 9 Health component is also taught in conjunction with this course.