• Band 10S
  • Drama 10S
  • Visual Arts 10S
  • Choir 10S
  • Woodwork Technology 15G
  • Food & Nutrition 15G
  • Keyboarding 25S
  • French 10G
  • Reading is Thinking 15G
  • Career Development: Life/Work Exploration 15S and AICT 1 15F
  • Graphic Communications Technology 10G
  • Trans Math 10F

This course will meet daily for 35 minutes, and involves rehearsing and performing a wide variety of band music, providing a basis for growth in basic playing techniques:  good posture, breath control, phrasing and articulation.  You will be required to participate in all Concert Performances, including Christmas Concerts, School Assemblies, local Music Festivals, and possibly an end of year Concert Tour, as planned by the music department. Much of your mark will be determined by the perception of your in-class performance, as well as solo performance tests.

This course will teach students drama techniques and skills. This will help students develop comfort and confidence with drama in the different forms it takes: from acting, to improv, to stage management, and more. Students will learn how to create drama/theatre and develop an understanding of the role and impact of dramatic arts in society.

Art 10S is designed to introduce the Elements of Design. The course provides a basis for growth in artistic expression, art appreciation, and art production. The main areas of study are the Line, Shape, Color, Value, Form, Texture, and Space. The goal of grade 9 Art is to enable students to understand the art process, which includes perception, creativity, appreciation, reflection, as well as experiencing art as a personal journey.

This course involves singing choral music in many styles – from Bach to gospel to new and current music. Music theory is taught, aural skills are worked on and some small assignments are given, but most of the time is spent singing. Interest is of prime importance. Participation and individual musical growth are emphasized. The year’s activities include several concerts, and participation in the Fall concert, Christmas concert, Spring Concert and local festivals. Attendance is vital in this course as concerts are outside of the timetable. Concerts must be attended and participated in as part of the curriculum.

Grade 9 Woodworking Technology exposes students to the various mediums and processes available to them in the shop, including laser engraving, vinyl cutting, welding, and wood working in the lab. Students are expected to create small projects in the first three mediums, and include one of those processes in the design, planning, and building of a major wood project.

This half credit course is designed to build upon knowledge from previous years and expose students to new recipes and different techniques and skills that are used and needed in the kitchen. We cover topics such as kitchen basics and kitchen safety. Students are expected to create small assignments, work through labs, and have a test each unit.

Keyboarding is a course will teach students the basics of using the correct typing position and skills. Students will learn to type accurately and quickly and will also gain valuable skills that can be transferred to almost any occupation where computers are involved.

French 10G is a blend of oral, written, reading and listening activities. Emphasis is placed on present, past, and future tenses through themes relevant to students daily life. Cultural activities are infused in order to enrich the students’ learning experiences as they begin to grow as global students.

The focus of this course will be on the further development of literacy for high school students. Students will discover that literacy means something slightly different in each of the core areas(ELA, Social Studies, Math/Science). Students will spend time considering the reading process and learn various strategies to use with different types of text. Helping students to consciously engage in and make sense of what they are reading is one of the main goals of the course.

Career development is about growing through life and work; about learning, experiencing, living, working and changing; about creating and discovering pathways through one’s life and work. When intentional, career development is about actively creating the life one wants to live and the work one wants to do.

AICT stands for Applying Information and Communication Technology. This course is designed to teach various aspects of technology using an assortment of computer programs and web searches with applications in a variety of skill areas. 

Grade 9 Graphic Communications Technology gives students the opportunity to explore a variety of digital technology including graphic design, 2D animation, short films and collaborative design projects.

Grade 9 Trans Math (Transitional Math) is a support course offered to students that need a review of previous years math concepts.  This is for students that have struggled with Math in the past.  Registration in this course is by recommendation and discussions with their grade 8 teachers.