• ELA 40S - Comprehensive Focus
  • ELA - Literary Focus
  • Math 40S - Essentials
  • Math 40S - Applied
  • Math 40S - Pre-Calculus
  • P.E./Health 40F
  • ANY OTHER Grade 12 Level Course #1
  • ANY OTHER Grade 12 Level Course #2

In the Comprehensive Focus, students will refine the various skills and abilities acquired throughout their academic career to date. The course will provide opportunities to use, compare and compose a range of pragmatic (50%) and aesthetic (50%) texts. Students will extend their knowledge of writing forms and structures, and language choices as they learn to evaluate these for appropriateness to audience and purpose as well as effectiveness. Students will engage with and compose texts that inform, persuade, analyze, foster understanding and empathy, reflect culture, express feelings and experience and bring enjoyment. Students are required to write one provincial exam in ELA.

Students will focus on the literary/aesthetic use of the English language by studying various literary works, including novels, plays, poetry, films and short stories. This study will be balanced by a look at various transactional texts, and how they also may be used for aesthetic purposes. There will be an emphasis on independent reading and analysis as well as group work and creative presentations. Students will compose texts that analyze the aesthetic techniques of different works and also create their own aesthetic texts in a variety of formats. A study of a major work by Shakespeare will be included in this course. Students are required to write one provincial exam in ELA.

Prerequisite: English Language Arts 30S

This course builds on problem analysis and analysis of games and numbers taught in 30S. Through practical application of mathematical concepts, the course enables the student to acquire skill and understanding in the following topics:  geometry, precision measurement, finances in home, business and vehicle situations, probability, statistics, and career life. Students may use this course for some faculties at university, however the U of W and U of M do not accept Essential Math 40S for calculating Admission and Entrance Scholarship averages. Students are required to write a provincial exam.

Students will develop mathematical concepts using data and problem solving. The course emphasizes effective communication skills and the use of technology. This course builds on most topics covered in Applied 30S.  Topics include logic, probability, design and measurement, relations and functions and finances. Use of technology on chrome books is used in problem solving. Students are required to write a provincial exam.

Prerequisites: Applied Math 30S or Pre-Calculus Math 30S

This is a theoretical course designed for students interested in postsecondary math or science studies. Pre-Calculus Mathematics 40S is strenuous course that requires student commitment to homework and studying.  Students are required to write a provincial exam.

Prerequisites: Pre-Calculus Math 30S

Recommended : 60% or higher average in Pre-Calculus Math 30S

This compulsory full-credit course is designed to help students take greater ownership of his/her physical fitness. Goals of this program will be for students to gain a better knowledge of what it means to lead a healthy active lifestyle and to gain an appreciation for life long physical activity, the grade 12 community based course will be organized and delivered 50% by the physical education staff at Green Valley School while the remaining 50% will be the responsibility of the student. A major focus of this course will be on individual fitness plans as students will be required to develop and implement a 55-hour personal physical activity plan. As part of their physical activity practicum students will be required to submit a personal fitness portfolio containing elements such as a fitness plan, physical activity log, and other required assignments from the health modules of this course.

Students will be required to attend meetings with staff advisors and earn a certain number of physical activity hours outside of the school setting.  Topics for the health component of this course will include: fitness management, nutrition, personal and social development, and healthy relationships.  Grading for completion of this course will be done using a Complete or Incomplete designation. See AHL 30F for activity options.

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Choose from the list of Grade 12 level courses.