Annual GVS Open House – Thursday, May 4, 2017

Invitation to attend open house

You are welcome to join us at school. There will be coffee, refreshments and door prizes.

*You will need to check in upon arrival at the Front Entrance.

You are welcome to come and visit all classes.  School will be going on as usual, however, some classes have planned some specials events for the day.  These events are listed below.


12:00 – Choir Mini Performance

12:10 – Improv in the Front Foyer,  2 sets

12:50 – Grade 11/12 Band Mini Performance in the Music Room

1:45 – Grade 9/10 Band Mini Performance in the Music Room

1:15-2:30 – Grade 5 Wax Museum

3:10 – Grade 7 Band Mini Performance in the Music Room

Dodgeball in the Gym.  Guests are invited to join in.



  • 10:20 am Hands-on activity discovering angles
  • 1:10 pm  Presentations on friendly and business letters to the class through readings or video

8JS Debates:

  • 9:30 am All tobacco products should be banned in Canada.
  • 11:20 am It should be mandatory for all Canadian police officers to wear body cameras
  • 1:15 pm Students should be allowed unrestricted access to electronic devices in the classroom. (students vs. teachers debate)
  • 2:40 pm Any person crossing the border into Canada illegally should be deported.


  • 10:00 am Poetry Readings
  • 11:05 am Finding Surface Area
  • 1:10 pm Famous Scientists Presentations