Startup Dates

Tuesday, September 8 – Virtual Meet the Staff
Wednesday, September 9 – Great Expectations Day – grade 5 and 9s only
Thursday, September 10 – First Official Day of School for all Middle Years
First Official Day for Track B SY students – K-Z last names
Friday, September 11 – First Official Day for Track A SY students – A-J last names; no virtual learning today
Monday, Sept. 14 – Track A – A-J last names
Tuesday, Sept. 15 – Picture Day; Track B – K-Z last names
Wednesday, Sept. 16 – Track A – A-J last names
Thursday, Sept. 17 Track B – K-Z last names
Friday, Sept. 18 Virtual Learning
September 15 – Picture Day
September 18 and 21 – Strong Connection Days

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Numeracy Month Activities

We didn’t get to all of our numeracy month activities due to the cancellation of classes.  As an alternative, we created some optional activities that you can do at home.  Take a look at our Stop, Drop and Math activities or the activities that were missed from the month of March .  Don’t forget to make your guess for the jelly beans –  there will be a separate winner for Middle Years and High School, draw date is April 24th.

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Work Package Pickup – email

Good afternoon to our entire GVS community, Now that school classes have been indefinitely suspended, our staff at GVS are in the process of compiling the second round of work packages for our students. Please read the following guidelines and procedures that we have put in place, to make collecting and dropping off work as safe and as efficient as possible. On behalf of our entire team here at GVS we are wishing our entire school community a very safe,… Read More

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Chromebooks – Learning at Home

Chromebook filtering and monitoring continues even while working at home.  Please keep this in mind as you are working online and during your video chats.  A few tips for when you are video ‘conferencing’:
*be aware of your background, making sure it is appropriate
*find a quiet place that is free from distractions for yourself and those that are connecting with you
*follow the same behaviour online as you would in a physical class.

If you are having Chromebook issues while you are at home, please visit for more details.

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Help Managing During COVID-19 – for students and parents

Here are things you can do to support yourself and your family:
*Avoid too much news. While information is important, but overload can add to feelings of fear.
*Take time to care for your own health. Get sleep, eat a healthy diet, get rest, get exercise and do activities that help you lower stress. Get others in your family to do these things too.
*Try to carry on as normal of a life as possible. Normal routines can help us all with feelings of security.
*Share your feelings with others and encourage your family members to talk about their feelings.
*Be positive and work on keeping positive, hopeful thinking.
*Know that all of these conditions are trying to keep you safe and that the closing of schools and other large gathering places is made to keep people safe.
*Answer questions when asked in a simple way. Giving too much detail can be overwhelming.
*Have a sense of structure in your day, rather than constant free time. Structure time for reading and working on homework and be careful of too much screen time.
*Be a role model. If your family sees you are coping well, sees you displaying resilience, sees you are hopeful, then they will more likely react in a positive way.

I hope this is helpful. If you have any specific questions or concerns, please send me an email or give me a call during school hours and I will help as best I can.

Best wishes and stay well,

Cam Gerbrandt
School Counsellor

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SY Basketball Games

The Senior Years Basketball Season is in the home stretch – Come out and support our teams!

JV Girls:
Feb 11 (5:30) SCHS at GVS
Feb 13 (5:30) GVS at Niverville
Playoffs start Feb 25th

JV Boys
Feb 11 (5:30) GVS at SRSS (Gold)
Playoffs start Feb 25th

Varsity Boys
Feb 10 (7:00) GVS at Sprague
Feb 12 (5:30) Niverville at GVS
Playoffs start Feb 24th

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HSD Career Exploration Webpage

HSD has some great online resources that can assist in career planning.  It includes personality and aptitude assessments, and ways to align interests to careers.  Links and information to myBlueprint are also included. MyBluePrint is a comprehensive education and career/life planning program used by Hanover to provide the tools students need to make the most informed decisions about their future.   Check it out here!

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GVS Christmas Concert

On Wednesday, December 11th we will be having our GVS Christmas Concert right here in the GVS gym. This year, a group of grade 5-8s will participate in a production called “Christmas Carol, Silent Night.” Following this, the program will continue with the grade 7-12 band and choir concert.

Afternoon Program
1:30-2:10 “Christmas Carol, Silent Night”
2:10-2:30 Intermission
2:30-3:15 GVS Bands and Senior Choir

Please note that for the afternoon performance, there is no parking in the front parking lot. (There will be pylons blocking the two entrances). Parking will be available on the street and at the EMB Church which is located between us and South Oaks School.

Evening Program
6:30-7:10 “Christmas Carol, Silent Night” play performed by Gr. 5-8 students
7:10-7:30 Intermission
7:30-8:15 GVS bands (grade 7-12) and senior choir (grades 9-12)

Everyone is welcome. The intermission will allow for time to enter or exit for those that are wishing to attend only the production or the concert.

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