GVS will resume our annual chocolate sales fundraiser in October. Chocolates will be sent home during the first week of October. As in previous years, we will be selling Laura Secord Chocolates (variety pack) and the World’s Finest Chocolate Almonds. Each case contains 30 boxes of chocolates or almonds and each item is sold for $3. All chocolates are peanut free.

Each child will be given the choice of which case (almonds or Laura Secord) they want to take home.

As chocolates get sold, please send in the money as soon as possible and in the largest denominations possible. Cheques may be written to the school for the entire $90. Students selling one complete case of chocolates will be entered to win a daily prize. Larger prizes at the end of the sales include a variety of gift cards and large chocolate bars for the top sellers.

Money raised from chocolate sales is used to contribute to outdoor playground equipment, field trips, guest speakers, special events, and sports programs.

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