Wondering how to get hot pizza on Fridays?

Students place their orders at the canteen as soon as they arrive at school with vouchers purchased in advance.

Families can purchase these vouchers for pizza and milk in advance and students will use these vouchers when placing their pizza orders. Vouchers will be available through the Parent Portal or at the office from Monday – Thursday and can be paid for on the Parent Portal or by cheque. To purchase vouchers on the Parent Portal, simply add funds to your student account and email gvs@hsd.ca stating amount of vouchers you have paid for, or send a note along with your student. As long as there is a positive balance in your students account it could be used for pizza and milk vouchers.

Vouchers are:
$17.50 for 10 pieces of pizza ($1.75/pizza slice)
$15.00 for 10 large chocolate milk ($1.50/500mL chocolate milk)
$10.00 for 10 small chocolate ($1.00/500mL chocolate milk)