• American History 20G
  • Band 20S
  • Choir 20S
  • Digital Pictures 25S and Digital Film 25S
  • Food & Nutrition 20G
  • Visual Arts 20S
  • Woodworking 20G
  • Graphic Communications Technology 20G
  • French 20S
  • Family Studies 20S
  • Drama 20S

As Canada’s closest neighbour and the most powerful nation in the world, events in the United States have had a major impact on our country. The aim of this course is to provide students with a basic understanding of the history of the United States from the earliest settlements to the present.

Major events and themes to be studied include: the American Revolution, the Civil War, WWI & WWII, the Great Depression, Segregation, and the Cold War. Students will also learn about the lives of the many great leaders who helped develop the United States into the nation it is today.  

This course will meet daily for 35 minutes, and involves rehearsing and performing a wide variety of band music, providing a basis for growth in basic playing techniques:  good posture, breath control, phrasing and articulation.  You will be required to participate in all Concert Performances, including Christmas Concerts, School Assemblies, local Music Festivals, and possibly an end of year Concert Tour, as planned by the music department.  Much of your mark will be determined by the perception of your in-class performance, as well as solo performance tests.  Prerequisite:  Band 10G

This course involves singing choral music in many styles – from Bach to gospel to new and current music. Music theory is taught, aural skills are worked on and some small assignments are given, but most of the time is spent singing. Interest is of prime importance. Participation and individual musical growth are emphasized. The year’s activities include several concerts, and participation in the Fall concert, Christmas concert, Spring Concert and local festivals. Attendance is vital in this course as concerts are outside of the timetable. Concerts must be attended and participated in as part of the curriculum.

The purpose of Digital Pictures is to provide students with the skills and knowledge to convey a message through an original digital image. Digital Filmmaking will provide students with the skills and knowledge to tell stories by combining sound, still images, moving images, text, graphics, and animation into a video product. Students will plan, develop, and produce a video project.

Level 1 is a full credit course which expands on your cooking knowledge and will delve deeper into food and nutrition topics. Topics will include foods that help or hinder health, global issues regarding food, trends in health and wellness. Be prepared to try new and different foods from around the world from main course meals, desserts, to a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Art 20S is designed to further develop ideas of art as they apply to the Principles of Design. The course provides a basis for growth in artistic expression, art appreciation, and art production as well as the opportunity to experience art as a personal journey. The main areas of study are balance, contrast, proportion, pattern, rhythm, emphasis, unity, and variety. Students will begin to express themselves in more individual projects. They will be expected to develop a final piece that represents their learning. Personal reflection through writing will also be key components in the class.

Grade 10 woodworking focuses on the basics of building construction and introduction to electrical. We start the course with framing and electrical terminology and some small hands on practice assignments as well as some basics of plumbing and drywall. The course’s main focus is the framing and building of a small garden shed. Students will have 20% time for a project of their own design.

This course is limited to 15 participants. Prerequisites: Woodworking 15 (Grade 9) or permission from instructor.

Grade 10 Graphic Communications Technology builds on the skills acquired in Grade 9 Graphic Communications and gives students the opportunity to continue to explore a variety of digital technology including graphic design, 2D animation, short films and collaborative design projects.


The goals of the course French: Communication and Culture are to give students the opportunity:
• to acquire the necessary language skills to communicate in French;
• to value the learning of French as a tool for personal, intellectual, and social growth;
• to demonstrate an appreciation of francophone cultures;
• to further develop intercultural communication skills that are essential to all global citizens.
The course focuses on authentic communication, based on students’ interests and experiences. This course has been created to develop the 4 core language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing in French. Students will build on and apply their knowledge of French while exploring a variety of themes and resources. Students will be exposed to an assortment of opportunities to discover, explore, and experience aspects of Francophone culture. They are encouraged to take safe risks, to contribute to classroom discussions and participate regularly to develop their language proficiency and make an effort to communicate mostly in French during French class.

Family Studies courses offer a preventative, proactive, and practical approach that is intended to strengthen individuals and families. Students
acquire knowledge, skills, and attitudes to make informed choices with respect to caring for themselves and others within the context of a global
community. Students acquire strategies to manage the challenges of life in an effective and responsible way that enhances their life journey.
Grade 10 Family Studies focuses on the skills and knowledge parents and caregivers need, with emphasis on maternal health, pregnancy, birth, and the early years of human development. Students will learn about the developmental needs, effective care, and guidance of young children. The
development of these skills and knowledge will enhance their overall well-being now as adolescents and in the future as parents and caregivers.

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