Reality Check is a one-day event for all Grade 10 students from GVS, LC & NHS.

Wednesday, February 21st in the afternoon at Niverville High School – all students must have a signed consent form. These can be found on Parent Portal or at the GVS Office.

Each student will be assigned a career, salary, and possibly a family. A list of careers was  made based on jobs in the surrounding areas and salary expectations from Stats Canada.  A local accountant will be involved in calculating tax deductions for each household so that the numbers are realistic to the current economic situation in Manitoba. The salaries for the students are based on the assumption that they are a 25 year old starting a professional career.

The goals for the program are:

  • To introduce students to current national financial statistics of young adults.
  • To introduce students to tracking their income and expenditures.
  • To simulate a real time budgeting experience with many variables and responsibilities.
  • To allow students to reflect on the importance of financial choices in a low risk situation.
  • To provide students with a practical experience upon which to build their financial learning.