On Wednesday, December 11th we will be having our GVS Christmas Concert right here in the GVS gym. This year, a group of grade 5-8s will participate in a production called “Christmas Carol, Silent Night.” Following this, the program will continue with the grade 7-12 band and choir concert.

Afternoon Program
1:30-2:10 “Christmas Carol, Silent Night”
2:10-2:30 Intermission
2:30-3:15 GVS Bands and Senior Choir

Please note that for the afternoon performance, there is no parking in the front parking lot. (There will be pylons blocking the two entrances). Parking will be available on the street and at the EMB Church which is located between us and South Oaks School.

Evening Program
6:30-7:10 “Christmas Carol, Silent Night” play performed by Gr. 5-8 students
7:10-7:30 Intermission
7:30-8:15 GVS bands (grade 7-12) and senior choir (grades 9-12)

Everyone is welcome. The intermission will allow for time to enter or exit for those that are wishing to attend only the production or the concert.

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