Friday * October 7 * 2022 * Day 4




  • A reminder to all students: You cannot bring chocolate almonds to school as a snack or in your lunch. They cannot be eaten at school due to allergies.Thank you for your kindness in supporting all our students.
  • Good luck selling chocolates this weekend!  We are sold out and won’t be getting any more in. If you can’t sell them, please bring them back, we have lots of students who are eager to sell more.
  • First week of the  GVS Food Drive is done! One more week to go. Bring your non-perishable food donations to the front foyer each morning before 8:55am. Check it in for your grade and get your points. Can you bring in non-perishable items that could make one meal for a medium sized family? Some pasta noodles, jar of sauce, canned ham, and canned veggies? Every can counts.Which grade will come out on top for points?  The Drive for Five here we go. 

The grade 5’s are currently in the lead, followed closely by the grade 6’s in terms of points. Let’s see what happens by the end of the week! 

Today’s weight in food collection is 467.8lbs bringing our total to 1011.1lbs

  • On Tuesday, grade 5 and grade 8 volunteers and high school students can help in the morning. Meet on the stage after 8:35am.




  • Gr 8 Girls volleyball practice at noon today.




  • Gr 11 AHL has health today.


High School League Games

  • Good luck to our Jv Girls as they travel to Winkler this weekend for a volleyball tournament. Bus leaves @ 7:45am.