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“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  -Sun Tzu

  • Important Dates
  • Grad Getaway
  • Grad Portraits
  • Graduation Day Overview
  • Grad Tickets and Costs
  • Committees
  • Grad Farewell
  • Post Secondary Information
  • Grad Parade

Calendar of Events

  • October 19 – Grad Getaway
  • February 2023 – grad meeting to vote on grad decisions
  • March 1st, 2023 – apply to university prior to this date to be eligible for many programs and awards
  • March 10th, 2023 – grad cap and gown photos at school, no classes that day
  • June 2023 – Grad Farewell, date to be determined
  • June 27th, 2023 – grad rehearsal, meet at GVS at 9:00am, everyone must attend
  • June 28th, 2023 – Grad Day

Wednesday, October 19th

9am Departure to Activate – check it out here!

After Activate we’re heading to the Niverville Heritage Center for lunch and a grad meeting where topics related to grad  are discussed.

2:50 Depart from Heritage Center for GVS.

**Cost is $35.00 includes Activate Fee and lunch; costs are subsidized by GVS.

**We need 80% of Grads to commit to attending this day to go ahead with it.

Grad Portraits are on March 10th.  The cost is $35 and this includes an 8 x10 portrait.

Click for more info…Lifetouch Grad Portraits

Males – wear a white dress shirt, bring a black tie

Females – wear a scoop neck shirt for underneath the gown so the shirt is not visible.

Note:  informal portraits are also done at this time; feel free to bring other attire (ex. jerseys) or props (ex. sports equipment).

Graduation Day, June 28th


Convocation – 4:00 @ E-Free in Steinbach; grads come early

  • no tickets required, open to all

Banquet – 6:00 ish

Parade – 8:30pm (organized by Parent Grad Commitee)

After Party – follows parade (organized by Parent Grad Commitee)



Graduation Day – Convocation and Banquet

Convocation – 4:00

  • come early; no tickets required, open to all
    • note:  grads, arrive at 2:45 for a class picture at the church

Banquet – 6:00

  • grads can purchase 4 tickets (3 guests and grad)
  • the approximate projected cost is $25-40.  The actual cost will be determined near the grad date.
  • extra tickets will likely be available after all grads have had the opportunity to purchase their 4 tickets; unfortunately we can’t guarantee everyone sits at the same table
  • Mural Committee:  see Mr. G.
  • Parent Committee:  Joyce Fast

After the grad rehearsal, students will return to GVS for their farewell with their grade 12 teachers.  Lunch will be served at 12:00 in the gym.

Mr. Gerbrandt will email bursary or scholarship opportunities directly to potential grads and their parents. The following sites can also be searched for potential scholarships or bursaries:

Organized by Parent Grad Committee

June 28, 2023
Starting at 8:30pm

Parade will start at EMB Church
84 Oak Ave.