The on call/bus duty supervisor is: Ms. Sarah Harder


Senior year students! There are many, many books that are overdue. Please renew or return them. Would the following students please come see Mrs. Friesen in the library:

Gr. 12 – Noah Reutter, Eric Rupert, Daigen Sumner, Katrina Wiebe

Gr. 11 –

Gr. 10 – Jon Esau, Dylan Fuchs, Julia Hiebert, Hunter Neufeld, Arielle Sawatzky, Syrus Svingen, Bradley Unger

Gr. 9 – Isaac Boonstoppel, Kayla Friesen, Elijah Reimer, Zachery Hocaluk, Tehya Funk, Wesley Hrabchak, Drayden Kurbatoff, Vanessa Niessen, Taneshia Reimer, Kade Runke, Matthew Schroeder, Hayley Rempel, Kai Wiebe, Jon Wiebe, Thank you!



Today is Number Game or Sudoku Day… so try one out.

And for Numeracy Month, today’s Riddle of the Day is…

Guess the number that when you add 1 and then subtract 4 is -1.

What animal is great at mental math?

Answer:  Rabbits, because they multiply rapidly.

Make sure to hand in any Candy ballots to your homeroom teacher or into the library before you lose them.

Have a great Spring Break and Easter, keep calm and calculate on!



  • Beach Volleyball practice today from 4-5:30pm
  • Badminton sign ups for gr 7 & 8 are posted by the gym




  • Fire posters are due TODAY! Please bring to the office by noon so they can be mailed in before Spring Break.




  • Grade wars will be in the gym period 8 & 9 today; all students are expected to be there. Students must first report to their period 8 class for attendance.
  • Mr. Hart’s Grade 10 PE class in Period 6 will meet in the basement for fitness. Please make sure you are changed!
  • A reminder to Mr. Hart’s Grade 12 AHL class to bring in your completed Pink LOG sheet today if you have not done so already!
  • LEGENDS BOARD GAME LEAGUE. TODAY, March 24th, we are going to celebrate the onset of spring break by playing games. Bring a game or come and learn a new one 🙂 4:00pm – 5:30pm in the library.



Gr 9’s – Andrea Braun, Grant Schellenberg & Isaac Boonstoppel please report to write your Meiosis Quiz